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Meet Liz

Midlife Transition Coach

About Me

The real me

Life has not always been kind to me, experiencing significant personal loss at an early age and again in mid life. On top of that, I have overcome more than my fair share of physical and emotional challenges. I am experienced in falling down and getting back up again for sure!


Despite of what life has thrown at me I remain curious and hopeful. I have a love for learning. My heart is filled when I spend quality time with my family. I find joy through pursuing multiple passions on my bucket list. Music is my personal mental health tool.  It provides a mindful moment and allows me to express myself creatively.


After years of being a full time executive, ballet mum, and wife, I became an empty nester sooner than expected at 45 years of age, when my only child moved 4000km’s away to pursue her passion for dance at 17 years of age.


I have been navigating this new transition and learning how to thrive in mid-life.


My passion to help others

I am highly empathic and deeply connect with those around me.  I have a great sense of intuition (my mum says that it a special family trait).  Caring for, educating and empowering others lights my soul.


My key values are:

Connection - build meaningful and long lasting personal and professional connections.


Service - to be of service to others


Growth - always willing to learn and constantly improve


Creativity - creating stories and expressing myself through music and creative content


The Facts

I have a certificate in Life Coaching via the ICF certified Beautiful You Coaching Academy, and am also a Level 1 Certified Coach via the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (IECL).


I have a Bachelor of Social Science, with a major in Psychology.

Let's Chat

Needing some help to navigate mid life or becoming an empty nester? Wanting to make change in your life and wondering if coaching can help?

Reach out for a free no obligation chat to discover if coaching with me can help you thrive and not just survive!

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