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How can I help?

When we reach midlife we start to think about our past and wonder what might have been.


As we face life without our kids or are leading up to retirement, we may feel empty and uncertain about our future.


I am a mid-life transition coach. I help mid life women and empty nesters identify their strengths, find a new purpose and take action to pursue a vibrant fulfilling life.


I spent most of my life working, paying the bills and caring for everyone around me. I then became an early empty nester in my mid forties. 


I have been navigating mid life and empty nester transitions and learning how to thrive in mid-life. I’ve taken control of my professional and personal life by defining what I value, identifying what brings me joy,  redefining my purpose and focusing on fulfilment in all aspects of my life.


I became a certified coach and mentor to help other women transition thrive in mid life.


You might be here because…..

  • Your children have left home and you don’t know what the next stage of life looks like

  • Life has become a cycle of working, paying bills and doing chores

  • You’ve reached a plateau in your career or are no longer feeling passionate about your work or career

  • You are generally feeling flat, unfulfilled and wondering if there is more to life


Are you ready to take a brave step to make some time for you, find what fulfils you?

As your Coach, I will help you find what brings you joy, identify what makes you feel fulfilled and define a vision for your future. Together we’ll translate that into action, and set yourself up for success with the right resources, habits and mindset.

Let's Work Together

Coaching Series Bundle

  • Success in Six

    6 x 1hr coaching sessions on a fortnightly basis
    Valid for 6 months
    • 3 month coaching series
    • Free Discovery Call
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