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Mother’s Day In An Empty Nest: Navigating Another Holiday Without My Daughter

As an empty nester, Mother's Day can feel bittersweet. This is the second Mother’s day without my girl, and I am still sad I can’t get a hug or spend the day with her.

I’m proud I have raised a courageous and resilient young woman who is pursuing her dreams far away from home. I’m grateful I still get to see her beautiful face via a video call, and that she makes time to call her parents a couple of times a week; (despite the challenges of timezone differences, work and study).

Today, I'll cherish happy family memories, and celebrate my motherhood journey. I look forward to my video call, and then spending the day with my husband who has arranged for me to do some of my favourite things.

Mother’s Day is a celebration of the love and bond between a mother and your child/children.

No matter the distance, it is important to cherish and honour that relationship.

How To Celebrate Mother’s Day From A Far

  1. Plan a special outing or activity with your partner or friends to enjoy a day out.

  2. Treat yourself to a spa day or pampering session to indulge and relax.

  3. Create a special meal or dessert that you love, or try a new recipe to enjoy something different.

  4. Take a moment to reflect and be grateful for your journey as a mother.

  5. Connect with your kids virtually through a video call or send them a heartfelt message expressing your love.

Happy Mother's Day to all the empty nesters out there - let's cherish the memories and create new ways to celebrate motherhood.

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